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Posted by Hayley Grimshaw on Sep 4, 2018, 10:18:46 AM

Advantages of LUCCA!

LUCCA is a highly innovative product curated to help designers 
specify a product that not only looks good and fills the desired needs of 
the project but also suits the builder or contractor installing it.

How do we do this? 
It's rather quite simple. LUCCA is a product designed to suit any hard- wearing application necessary. In any scenario, its durable surfaces work harmoniously as a protection against any type of defect due to the OSMO oil. The big advantage is that OSMO can be easily re-coated or repaired should the surface require it, and this is something that no other panel product can currently offer in Australia. Because of the combination of both Oils & Waxes the oil penetrates into the timber surface protecting the wood from deep within, while the waxes form an elastic, micro porous surface which protects the wood from moisture and abrasion. For a builder, this allows them to touch up the surface onsite if needed and that's why we supply a small OSMO touch up tin free of charge. 

Not only that, 

- LUCCA is reasonably priced making value management a breeze 
- We offer our Z Clip Fixing Method for wall installation and the LUCCA Clad supports a concealed fixing method making it easy to install. 
- Made in- house the LUCCA lead times are short

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for the DESIGNER (1)-1

in a Designers case, the LUCCA Range offers a wide variety of options to suit any 
project. As an addition it has- 
- Sustainably Sourced Timber 
- Durable Surfaces
- Extensive Range of Colours & Textures
- Acoustic Applications Available 
- Fire Rating- Group 3 Certified 
- Can be used Externally out of Direct weather 
conditions using the OSMO UV oil 
- Customisable Colour Range 
- Enhanced Grain Finishes 
- Environmentally Friendly 
- Range of Sheet Sizes and Thicknesses Available 
- Customisable to suit individual projects 
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