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Highlighting three of Instagram’s finest fabricators of plywood furniture and joinery, we want to show you what can be done with premium high- quality grade plywood from MAXI Plywood.



DSCF8752-Edit-1The makers of Unique Plywood Furniture/ Joinery & Kitchens. WOOD BEAST turns the striking grain of plywood into stunning pieces, making each exclusive fabrication a mind-blowing work of art. With the use of plywood only, WOOD BEAST has only one goal which is to-

‘create high quality furniture and joinery, using precision machinery, modern design techniques and sustainable materials’.

Check out WOOD BEAST on INSTAGRAM or at woodbeast.com.au 


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MAXI Black Table by Like Butter

The ultimate Design and Fabrication business. LIKE BUTTER is known for their  flexible designs and their spectacular attention to detail. From custom joinery  and furniture to full size fit outs, LIKE BUTTER can provide you any design that  you desire.  

'As lead designer at Like Butter Pty Ltd, I have specified Maxi Plywood products in much of our product range and special projects for many years now. They are a pleasure to deal with, very fast and friendly delivery and with a product range that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is available in Australia. Easily the most innovative panel product supplier I've ever used.'
– Jem Freeman- Lead Designer/ Owner of LIKE BUTTER

Check out LIKE BUTTER on INSTAGRAM or at www.likebutter.com.au

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Screenshot_20180522-101748Using High Grade Plywood to create Masterpieces, Jim from Exotic Wood Shavings creates ‘bespoke built-ins and stand-alone furniture’. Through his intriguing designs and ideas, plywood is crafted into various forms of artwork. Each design is exclusively crafted for the individual, making every piece a creation in its own.

Check out EXOTIC WOOD SHAVINGS on INSTAGRAM or at www.exoticwoodshavings.com 

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