Pre-Finished Plywood: What it is and Why it is So Good

Posted by Nathan Sangster on Aug 7, 2019, 9:15:09 AM

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When it comes to specifying plywood panels for your next project, choosing a pre-finished product is a smart move. You’ll save yourself the time and hassle of coating the panels and can be sure that the finish not only looks great but also provides maximum protection and durability.

To gain the most benefit from your pre-finished plywood, selecting a product that has been coated with a high-quality finish is a must. So, to help you make the right call, in this article we’re sharing the benefits of pre-finishing, explaining what it is and why it is so good.


What is Pre-Finished Plywood? 

Pre-finished plywood is available for purchase fully coated and ready to install. Our panels are pre-finished with high-quality OSMO Oil from Germany, a hard wax oil system made using natural oils and waxes including sunflower, linseed, soya and thistle oils, and candelilla and carnauba wax. The oil blend penetrates into the wood surface to provide protection from within, while the waxes form an elastic, microporous surface that protects the panels from moisture and abrasion.



How is the Pre-Finish Applied? 

The OSMO Oil finish is applied during the manufacturing stage, using a state-of-the-art coating line. This is the optimum method, as it rubs and buffers the oil into the timber, allowing it to penetrate deep within the wood for maximum protection.


What are the Key Benefits of Pre-Finishing?

With pre-finished plywood, you’ll save time on installation and maintenance – as well as getting a beautiful, long-lasting product that is sure to impress. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Convenient: Pre-finishing takes the time and effort out of coating the product yourself. You can order with confidence, knowing the panels will arrive on site, ready to install, exactly as specified.
  • Saves you time: Because the coating is already applied, the time between ordering and installation is minimised. And in the longer term, the durability and high-quality protection of the product reduces the time spent on maintenance and repairs significantly.
  • Durable: The combination of oils and waxes in the OSMO Oil coating ensures maximum strength and durability. The pre-finished panels have an extremely long life and require no maintenance, which means they’ll look better for longer with zero effort required.
  • Easy to repair: Panels pre-finished with OSMO Oil are easy to repair. If the product is scratched or damaged seamless repairs can be achieved, even on larger areas. This is a big plus for installers and joiners and a feature that is not found on products coated with other surface finishes such as two-pack paints or powder coating.
  • Well-protected: The oil and wax contained in the coating work together to provide protection for the wood on both the inside and out. The wax surface protects the panels from moisture and abrasion while the oil penetrates the inside to protect from within.
  • Breathe easier: OSMO Oil features anti-static properties which is good for those who suffer from allergies. The microporous surface also allows the wood to breathe, which can help to improve air quality.
  • Plenty of choices: Best of all, there is a large range of pre-finished plywood products available to suit your exact needs. These include our Lucca, Veneer and Maxi Edge range, plus any of our timber or ply products on request.

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Pre-Finishing Makes Sense

With the many benefits both in the short and longer term, choosing pre-finished plywood products makes sense. You’ll save time and effort (always a bonus) and most importantly, you’ll have a durable and high-quality finish that looks great. And once you give it a go, you’ll never look back.


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