OSMO- The Ultimate Finish for Pre- finishing

Posted by Hayley Grimshaw on Nov 21, 2018, 8:53:59 AM

OSMO oil

OSMO Oil is the finish that we are truly obsessed with. OSMO is an oil and wax- based finishing system that combines all the advantages from traditional oil- based , lacquer and water- based systems into one. It's the finish that penetrates deeply into the wood and protects the surface from within, so that micro-porous wood can breathe and in return improve air quality. 

Why should you specify the OSMO? 

- It has a simple application : coated through our Intelligrain coating line which provides a clean consistent finish.
- Durable Surfaces : The OSMO oil can be repaired if accidentally damaged or scratched in that one damaged area. Pen and Permanent marker can also be easily wiped off with industrial thinners, which still keeps the wood protected and does not damage the pores of the wood.
- All OSMO wood finishes are based on oils and waxes for a natural, environmentally friendly and safe coating. 
- OSMO also does not form a film, which increases the product coverage and allows for a more healthy appearance.


The OSMO oil comes in three different simple applications- Gloss, Satin & Matt and it can be applied to any type of timber for protection and resistance. 


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